Dec 17, 2014

Beaverdance (The Play)

If you’ve ever wondered if you can make a holiday musical show about the beaver fur trade during the late 1700’s, then wonder no more!!  You can and someone did!!

Last weekend a group of my gal pals got together to celebrate the holiday, swill some wine and, what the hell, why not Beaver too!!  Sounds like a perfect night of girl power – don’t you think?!?  I mean, the name alone “Beaverdance” sounds way too entertaining too pass up!

 The show was a comical, adult version, history lesson about unionization of beavers in northern Minnesota at a time of some harsh fur trade practices.  We were introduced to a cast of characters and, yes, grownups in beaver costumes performing some clever song and dance numbers, whom also delivered some amusingly naughty beaver jokes, which by the way, were riddled throughout the play.

By the end, my female chums and I were cheering for the beavers and their beaver union!  I mean, c’mon, why not? Who doesn’t like a story of hard-working beavers coming together to command their rights in working class America!!  Silly, maybe, but the show had some light-hearted fun along with an attitude that even in the kingdom of beaver, dam happiness can be built if we all work together.

The show takes place in Minnesota, which was performed at Bedlam Theatre, also located in St. Paul, MN.  I’m a born and raised Minnesotan, so it was terrific to have learned this most interesting time in history!  I mean, who knew there was a “Beaver Union!” Did you know that?   (*wink, wink*).  

Most importantly, after a fun history lesson, why not enjoy "a square of chocolate."

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

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