Nov 26, 2014

I Have Gone Bananas...I'm Now a Blogger!

My first official post as a blogger and I'm entering the blogosphere on Thanksgiving Day! As a newbie, I'm still learning as I go and trying to catch on to this whole blog thing. So, maybe I have gone bananas. We'll see..wish me luck.

With that said, it's turkey day and it's all about great food and desserts, which I hope to share some pics later. We're just having a small gathering at our house for dinner, but still much to be done, nonetheless. 

My daughter is home from college and it's nice to have her home. My first to leave the nest, so still getting accustom to her being away from home. This is her fun artwork on the bananas! I thought it appropriate for my first blog post, as it makes me smile and reminds me how "thankful" I am for my family and their silliness!

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