Nov 30, 2014

Black Friday TV or Schnaaps?

Well, Black Friday shopping has come and gone and I'm happy to report I didn't participate in any of it!! I'm definitely not an early riser and don't care to shop in chaos. 

Isn't there enough insanity in the world that people really feel the need to throw themselves on a big screen T.V. and then be peeled off one by one and handcuffed! Well, I guess some folks were successful and proud of their bargain finds. 

Personally, I'm a supporter of Small Business Saturday. the local mom and pop shops in the community who work hard to make your shopping experience unique with great personal service. 

I purchased a hand carved tree by a local artist. It's wrapped in vines and lights and I didn't even have to body slam anyone to get it. In fact, I peacefully enjoyed a sample of peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate in this store. Hello...Black Friday or Schnapps? I wasn't even handcuffed!!  That deserves "a square of chocolate."

Check out the Farmer's Daughter website for more info on their handcrafted items.

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