Feb 11, 2021

Graceful As A Swan

πŸ’•For the Love of Swans πŸ’• 

I'm a bird nerd dabbler, which means I am NOT a walking encyclopedia of bird knowledge, but rather I love watching bird activity as they flutter about in nature or when they arrive eagerly to feeders. 

So, when I was told about the Trumpeter swans that gather at an area Minnesota lake, the anticipation of seeing these graceful swans was very alluring.

To me, swans remind me of a fairytale vision as they gracefully and elegantly glide across the water, often in pairs, which adds to their special love language. 

Jan 29, 2021

The Hard Path Quote

When you find yourself on the hard path that life often brings, do you frame it with a "poor me" narrative or do you discover the lessons and growth within the struggle?  The hard path kind of sucks when you're in it.  But, take time to reframe the struggle and embrace the new knowledge and strength that comes from it.

I climbed the stairs to the top of an observation tower to get this view.  As the cool crisp breeze grazed my cheeks, I took a look around at the wintery scene and I found it exhilarating.  I recognized how following new paths, experiencing new adventures and rethinking the struggle is absolutely empowering. 

The effort it takes by truly participating in your life is better than sulking as a bystander from the sidelines. 😎


Jun 15, 2020

My Writing Window Was Nudged Amid a Pandemic

Hello subscribers, visitors and welcomed newcomers! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here on my little writing space. It was kind of intentional and somewhat unintentional, as far as, the stretch of time I had put my writing aside.  I think it was a combination of writers block, lack of inspiration, pouring myself into self-reflection and, quite possibly, a bit stuck in some challenging times that life brings. 

Then, there was the onset of the COVID19 quarantine.  Ugh πŸ˜• But, like many, you may have experienced a creative re-birth. Or, maybe your closets and living spaces are super clean and organized right now! For others the isolation revealed a higher level of anxiety and sadness to your world. So many mixed feelings and uncertainties were thrown on all of us. I’m hoping each of you had some degree of enlightenment or positive change during this time and you continue to find ways to persevere. 

This brings me to what I discovered. I stumbled upon an online writing group that was promoting a summer writing contest for short fiction stories. The writing prompt needed to be on the subject of isolation told in a maximum of 1500 words. I’m guessing with our recent world situation, the topic was probably a deliberate choice.

Image Credit:  Pixabay.com - geralt

Anyway, this may have been the writing inspiration I was waiting for. 

Jul 26, 2019

It’s True, Pets Can Make Us Cry Babies

Pop-Up Thoughts:

If you’re a pet owner or have ever had a connection to a pet in your life then you have experienced how they seem to find and settle into a special spot in your heart.  Admit it or not...they do!

I was a young girl when I lost my first pet, a poodle bulldog mix named Sparky. He was my buddy growing up and the most outstanding high jumper I’ve ever seen. Whenever someone came to visit and knocked at the back door, Sparky would leap high enough to the door’s window to get a quick look. Imagine being on the other side of the door and seeing those airlifted flying ears and doggy face popping up in the window like a jack-in-the-box. Sparky was just that... a little spark of joy for me.  At a young age, I was right there beside him when Sparky took his last breath. Needless to say, I was completely distraught. 

Now, fast forward about 45 years to my current dog, Lucy, who is going on 14 years old and has been a very healthy dog until this week when she got very sick.  Foolishly, I thought my older more mature self would be a little stronger and immune to the snotty and ugly cry for a pet. Frankly, I thought I’d have a better grasp of my emotions. 

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