My Chocolate Story

Hey there, my name is Laurie and welcome to my blog!  

I’m a wife to one husband (one is all I can handle) and a mom of two children. I have a daughter in college that is gaining ground on her independence and beginning to learn all about the real world.  Also, I have a son just entering into college life, as well.  It may be awhile before Mister O and I will completely and totally be empty-nesters, as I’m sure our ever growing and independent little birds will be flying in and out of the nest for a few more years.

So, now that I’m knee deep in my midlife years, I feel it’s my time to get out there and start doing more “me” stuff!

After all these years, I’m now discovering my quirky humor and creative thoughts can be put to writing and actually plunked on a blog for all to read.

Food, wine, laughter, the theater, my family and, of course, chocolate are a few of my favorite things!! 

I even participated in the Chocoholic Frolic 5K!  I never anticipated that one, but it was fun!  When I signed up for the Chocoholic Frolic, my family finally realized my passion or wackiness for this stuff!

Since I’m 50-something now, healthy eating is important to me and I’m all about finding food ideas that are healthy, simple and easy to make.  If my spoonful of food ideas inspires you to make them – then that makes me smile.

Also, if sharing my kooky stories, experiences, and adventures with a sprinkling of humor inspires you to chuckle, think twice, or ponder – then that makes me smile too!

It’s a long story, but a little message inside a wrapper of a "Dove" square of chocolate was my inspiration to continue onward with the challenges I was attempting and having doubts about.  

So, it seemed fitting that the timing of this message "You're Right Where You're Supposed To Be," along with my love for chocolate is how the blog name was created. 

Not surprising, with this new endeavor, you can be certain that a glass of wine and “A Square Of Chocolate” won’t be far away.

Not to mention, ~ Laughter * Inspiration * Ideas ~ doesn’t have to be far away for you, because you can subscribe to my blog in the right sidebar or at the bottom of the blog page.  Subscribing doesn’t cost a thing and new posts arrive in your email, so you never miss a square or a smile.  After all, a smile is free and it’s your best feature! 

Please join me for a smile!

I’ve included links below to some of my favorite stories.  Free tonight?  Pour a cuppa or a glass of wine, get comfy and check out a few of these to get you warmed up.

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Just for you, I'll gladly put down my wine and chocolate for a moment to respond!

"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun."  
~ Mary Poppins

"A little nonsense now & then is relished by the wisest men."  
~ Willy Wonka


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  1. Great to connect, Laurie. Thx for finding me on Twitter! We have a lot in common by the sounds of it! I look forward to getting to know you better via our sites and tweets!


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