Thursday, November 9, 2017

Don’t Stop Believing: From the Page To the Stage

Nothing stomps out a dream or a goal you’ve set for yourself more than fear, not believing and just plain not doing the work to accomplish it. 

I recently had a flashback to when I was in 5th grade and collaborated with two other classmates to write and perform a play for a talent show contest. It was a silly little play, but I remember it being great fun and we got a lot of laughs.  We did NOT win, but that’s okay!  We did it and we showed up.

So you might think I went on to participate in other theatre ventures in my academic years. The answer to that is...NOPE. 

However, I did sign up to take violin lessons, which I did from 5th grade to 9th grade. A loss of interest and lack of talent is when I decided to quit playing after 9th grade. I don’t regret that…quitting, but what I do regret is that I never

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Great News! Story Selected For The Fiction Challenge Contest From Two Drops Of Ink

I’m absolutely thrilled and honored to have my short fiction story published on the literary website, Two Drops Of Ink. I submitted the story, Charlie’s Shoes, for a fiction story contest and the story made it through the first selection round by being published on their website. 

We were given a choice of images as a writing prompt and the rocking chair image was the inspiration to writing my story. This is a big step for me, since most of my writing is essay and non-fiction pieces.  I decided to take this challenge on, so I could spread my fiction writing wings, so to speak.

The Frightful Vacation of ‘79: Sort of, Kind of A Ghost Story

The dad was at the wheel, the mom in the middle and a listless teenager in the passenger side probably rolling her eyes in boredom. For the last 1100 miles she had been mournfully listening to the folk’s country music on the radio. It had been quite a vacation traveling in a Chevy camper pick-up back in August of 1979. 

She prayed that there was more exciting things happening at their destination than listening to an earful of Conway TwittyWaylon Jennings and Merle Haggard ballads than she cared to admit. Ghastly to say the least. 

There weren't iPods, videos streaming on built-in car screens, or internet games back in ‘79. 

I terrifying

It was just the folks and the teenager on the open road driving from Minnesota to Arizona. The teen was a moody 16 year-old longing for a Donna Summer or Blondie song to drown out Conway’s I May Never Get To Heaven and other heartbreak, whiskey swilling songs barely tolerated at every state line they crossed.  Clearly, a tragic ordeal.

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Mystical Charm of Felines: This Happened at the Cat Video Festival

After the love I witnessed at the Cat Video Festival, it's hard to believe there was a time in European history where cats were condemned and believed to be evil and often connected to witchcraft. 

During the Middle Ages many cats were exterminated to ward off evil. It’s long been argued that the death of so many cats had allowed the mice and rat populations to thrive. The fleas and disease these rodents carried are what created the conditions for the Bubonic Plague of the 14th Century.

Photo Credit: - Pezibear

On the other hand, the cat's mystical charm was highly regarded in Ancient Egypt as explained from the Ancient History Encyclopedia. It is said that when a cat died, all the inhabitants of a house shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning. 

Would you shave your eyebrows for the love of your cat?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wine Tasting and Pairing: A Provocative Experience

There's more than one way to seduce my heart. Of course, dark chocolate is the obvious one. But, throw in a tasting of wine and a warm saucy plate of Chicken Parmesan prepared by Chef Todd Macdonald and my taste buds delight in a sensual explosion. 

Photo Credit: - Photo-Mix

The wine pairings, matched with the velvety tomato sauce and the lightly breaded chicken topped with cheesiness was pure foreplay to the heart and stomach. Ultimately, satisfaction was reached and a rosy glow followed. 

Wow! I bet Chef Macdonald didn't know all that happened. 

Or did he? 

I'll have to admit this was my first time at such an event where wine tasting was combined with a prepared dish, so the provocative sexiness of the whole experience was somewhat like losing one’s virginity. Will the next encounter be as passionate? I'd like to think this wouldn't be my last rendezvous. 

🍷 "If you can't be with the wine you love - love the wine you're with!"

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