Monday, January 9, 2017

Minnesota is #1 for This and My Space Heater is Proof!

I've talked about Minnesota winters here before (Read this post), but now it's been validated that Minnesota is ranked #1 as the worst and most miserable state for winter by Thrillist Travel

Image Credit: Pixaby - Unsplash

Truthfully, I can't believe we out-ranked North Dakota. I'm wondering if the authors of this article just weren't hardy or valiant enough to risk life and limb to enter the subterranean blustery tundra of North Dakota.  Mister O worked a few winters in the oil fields near the N. Dakota Canadian border and had stories comparable to Ice Road Truckers. Stories of white out conditions where you couldn't tell the difference between the blowing snow over the road and the clouds in the sky. Stories of -30 below temps with frozen equipment and parts snapping off like ice covered twigs. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Red Copper Cooking: Uncle Ben's Rice with Chicken, Veggies and Lemon

Do you have the Red Copper pan? I just got one as a Christmas gift and thought I'd share with you the first meal I made. I'm not one to watch infomercials, but for some reason this one caught my eye. 

The pan came with a few recipes ideas, which inspired me to create my own meal using the veggies I already had; including that standby box of Uncle Ben's wild rice sitting in the cupboard. 

If you haven't already seen this on T.V. with spokesperson, Cathy Mitchell, whipping up and demonstrating easy one-pan meals, here's what it looks like. I love making meals that can be made using only one pan!

Have you seen this one? It claims that it's "the only pan you'll ever need!" I don't think I'm ready to ditch all my sauce pans and smaller fry pans, but I'm willing to bring this one into the pan family and see what we can do with it.

So, let's get started, it's time to whip up my own one-pan creation with the Red Copper pan!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Julbord Tastings of Norway and Sweden!

Velkommen /vehl-kawm-ehn/

For years, Christmas time for me meant Lutefisk (lute-fisk) and Lefse (leff-suh); Krumkake (kroo-m-kai-kuh) and Grot (Groot). Both of my Norwegian and Danish grandmothers would make these traditional Norwegian dishes during the holidays. 

As a young girl, I loved the lefse and pastries, but you wouldn't catch me anywhere near the lutefisk. Lutefisk is a whitefish from the Nordic countries that is traditionally prepared by having the fish dried then soaked in cold water and lye for days until the fish is edible for cooking. More info on lutefisk here.

As the lutefisk is cooking, the smell alone is strong enough to make a Viking grab his Norse helmet and run. Of course, a true Viking or Norski would never do that. 

You might say the smell of its bark is worse than its bite! 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

December's Picture The Possibilities

Basking in the Sun by Darcy Sime Photography -
Harmony Quote -

Are you feeling the tug between blending in or standing out? This, at times, can feel less harmonious than you’d like.

If you classify yourself as an introvert, you may be accused of being antisocial or have feelings that you don't quite fit in. You may feel comfortable blending in, but struggle to stand out when it matters; such as, in professional circumstances or when trying to make an impression within social circles. 

Extroverts appear to have preference in our society and it seems because of their boldness and aggressive nature they get better opportunities. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Let's Simplify the Banana Mixed Messages

I've been in banana limbo lately. Is eating a banana healthy or not? 

How do we get past all these mixed messages about bananas? I feel like there's a whole lot of banana monkey business going on! At times, do you feel like a monkey swinging from one “Healthy Eating” headline to another?

I try to be informed with healthy food choices, but I must admit the almighty banana has probably the most mixed messages of all the fruits. Eat bananas. Don't eat bananas. Bananas make you fat. Bananas make you skinny. Bananas have too much sugar. Bananas have good natural sugar. Bananas make your stomach flat. Bananas make you bloated. Bananas can be shoved into a tail pipe. Oh, oops, that's for a different story. 

No wonder we've all gone a little nuts over bananas; don't even get me started on nuts!

Anyway, here's what I have gathered as somewhat the skinny on "banana logic." My source is Chris Freytag who I think makes the most sense. I may be a little biased as she's a Minnesota girl!

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